David Önaç

MA(Cantab), MPhil, MMus, LRSM, PhD

Composer and Pianist

Selected Compositions

David A. T. Önaç is a composer of score-based music in the field of acoustic composition.  He is the winner of the 2012 Royal Philharmonic Society Composition Prize.  Many of his compositions also feature him as a virtuosic solo pianist.  There are a selection of his pieces available on this website – please contact the composer to find out more using the contact form at the bottom of this page.



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Onac CV – March 2017 – pdf


Recordings of selected works can be heard through the soundcloud platform below.  Please contact the composer using the form at the bottom of this page if you would like access to more recordings.


Extracts of scores for selected works in PDF format can be found below.  To see complete scores, please contact the composer using the form at the bottom of this page.